Nivea Creme Care & Creme Soft Bar Soap

Everyone is lately asking me; what kind of soap do you use to maintain your skin condition?

And i realize that i am not exactly a big fan of soap, as in, i never really take much consideration in whatever soap i am using. I thought it is all the same, but.. here i am, starting to do review of soaps, to see each uniqueness, so here we go!

I am personally a fan of this brand, since forever, but not exactly a fan of its soap. I mean, i never really tried the soap. I have been using the makeup remover and hand body as you guys all know, so i thought, what's there to lose if i were to try another product from this brand. Might as well love them as much, right, i mean, it can not be that bad anyway.

This is how it looks on the outside. I would say pretty ordinary for a bar soap, but no offense, bar soap is supposed to be like this, seriously.

I have been trying two of the series; the Creme Care & Creme Soft Bar Soap.
These two are superb combination to your skin.

Basically, the Creme Care is to nourish, and the Creme Soft is to soften.
Whichever you need, sis!

So basic ingredients of these two are actually pretty much the same, 
so i am going to review them altogether.

The outer box is written with all the information you need about the production state.

TFM Value is 78%

TFM stands for Total Fatty Material.
which means the soap has good cleansing and nourishing properties 

The soap is Grade 1, means it is gentle on skin and contains no fillers.

It claims to be;
- enriched with Nivea Body Moisturizer
- cleansing and nourishing skin
- moisturizing and keeping skin healthy

The soap comes in a white/blue carton box. Inside, the soap is wrapped with a clear plastic cover.

The shelf life that it has is 30 months, the color of the soap is the usual white, with the brand Nivea carved slightly on top, and the smell is very mild, soft, with feminine fragrance.

My experience is that the soap really has the soft and creamy texture, it lathers up very well, and it easily comes off with no extensive oil residue, leaving your skin feeling clean but not oily or slightly 'slimy'. The ultimate feeling afterwards is the feeling of having your skin treated with something luxurious, not merely bar soap. It definitely nourishes my skin well, gives it the retained skin glow i clearly expected.

Nivea Creme Care & Creme Soft Bar Soap

Harga: IDR 6,700 +-

- affordable
- luxurious feeling
-lathers well
- feminine fragrance
- mild and soft

- basically none

Purchase at:
Convenience Stores near you.

"Soap to the body is laughter to the soul."

Till then,


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